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ColorWorkDesk CWD Server: The software that provides colorimetry services

Share functionality and processing via client software, regardless of the device used and the operating system installed. The software is designed for the operations of research, formulation and color correction.

ColorWorkDesk CWD Server leverages server/cloud technology to centrally manage color formulation and correction requests from individual operators, ensuring access to an up-to-date and shared database.

How does CWD Server work

The idea behind ColorWorkDesk CWD Server is actually very simple: provide industry operators, a practical tool that allows them to manage, centralize and share all the information related to quality control, search for similar colors, formulation and correction of colors.

Its operation is equally simple and linear: it has a number of preset connections for listening to clients. The operator from his device, through the client software, sends a processing request to the Server software.

The server processes the input and once the operation is finished it returns the result to the client. The client displays the result and closes the connection.

All the features of a useful and versatile colorimetry tool

URAI software is therefore able to provide colorimetry services to different client applications such as desktop workstations, laptops or portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Specifically, the features of CWD Server are among the following:

  • Manage all information in one centralized database
  • Has a set number of connections for listening to clients
  • Accepts requests from any authorized client, regardless of device and operating system
  • Receive and encode requests: information and/or processing such as searches, formulations and corrections
  • For each request send an answer: colorimetric references and/or results of formulations and corrections
  • Communicate universally via ASCII character strings

Centralize and share information: benefits for URAI customers

All these features bring undeniable benefits to the end user.

The laboratory manager, responsible for the formulation of the color, not only has the possibility to load their formulas in the centralized database, but this becomes an opportunity, for him and for the other clients connected to it, to share their work and speed up everyone else’s work, making the company’s colorimetric resources available to the community.

The centralized server also allows the information manager to no longer have to move physically, because it can act directly on the shared database, automatically making colorimetric updates.

More generally, the advantages for URAI customers are different:

  • Distributed client validation and centralized database management
  • The clients require few resources, the distribution is simple and economic, there are no installations and the sending can be telematic
  • Possibility to develop customized clients for internal use: production and laboratory
  • Ability to develop external clients to the company, systems for stores and systems for the industry on Windows PC, App IOS and Android.
  • Ability to develop Web Site with functionality of colorimetry, formulation, search for similar, quality control, …

The winning choices of URAI

The above advantages derive from the intuition of URAI to separate from the color matching software, libraries the computer library to integrate it into a program that runs directly on the centralized server.

In this way, client interfaces can be used via different devices to access colorimetry services.

The system infrastructure, not surprisingly, has been organized in 3 modules: CWD Server, CWD Client and CWD SmartApp, to better organize the management of color information.

To always maintain the correct integrity of data during the operations of insertion, modification and deletion, the choice of the database fell back on the now proven Microsoft SQL.

Customer loyalty with ColorWorkDesk: an industry business opportunity

The ColorWorkDesk colorimetry system is being appreciated by many players in the color industry, from large paint manufacturers to individual operators equipped with only a portable spectrophotometer.

In this regard, a cascade effect is created that sees the protagonists of the large producers of paints.

With the use of URAI’s ColorWorkDesk software, they will in turn become exclusive suppliers to medium and small colormanufacturers interested in adapting their technology infrastructure to CWD systems.

The result can be evaluated, of course, in terms of customer loyalty with obvious economic returns throughout the supply chain.

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