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ColorWorkDesk: your colorimetry with our consulting

The pre- and post-sales phases are fundamental in the process of choosing and learning a new software dedicated to colorimetry. URAI is at the side of its customers in the most delicate phases of this process.

Choosing a product like ColorWorkDesk means customizing your color management system to your company’s specific needs. To do so, it may be necessary to have the support of qualified technicians, able to understand the needs of the customer and suggest the most performing solutions at all stages of the relationship.

The pre-sale phase: the consultant listens to you

Deciding to invest in one colorimetry software rather than another is a delicate time for a company. This is because each system has its pros and cons that can affect the daily operation of the customer’s production chain. Often what is optimal for one customer is completely unsatisfactory for another.

The task of the URAI consultant, in this phase of choice, is, therefore, to meet the customer personally to listen to him and understand his specific needs and operational priorities.

Following this phase of knowledge, the technician will be able to recommend the most suitable configuration of the software, suggesting the specific modules needed to efficiently cover all the company’s colorimetry needs.

At the same time, it will be the technician’s task to evaluate the instrumentation already in use by the customer and eventually to recommend a new model of spectrophotometer, benchtop or portable, that is optimal for the specific business activity.

The start-up and installation phase: the consultant at work

Having found the right software configuration to meet the operational needs of the company, it is therefore necessary the assistance of a colorist technician, that follows the customer in the implementation of the new systems and can bring the installation to a successful conclusion with the results expected by the sales consultant in the previous phase.

Often, for a better continuity of relationship with the customer, it is the same commercial consultant who has taken care of the pre-sale phase, to follow the company as a technician colorist and installer, being also qualified for such tasks.

In any case, at this stage, the installer technician, given a precise idea of the business and business routines, devotes all his attention to the customer company, providing specific information, necessary for the proper start of the system: which material to prepare, how to apply paint, which laboratory machines to use for the application of products…

Once the customer has prepared all the necessary measures for the start-up of the colorimetry systems, the technician will check, with special documentation, different for each sector, that the customer has actually complied with all the technical indications provided.

In addition to this check, there is an on-site inspection of the premises, in order to assess the temperature which is neither too cold nor too hot, for an optimal positioning of the benchtop spectrophotometer.

These first evaluations will be followed by a phase in which the technician will have to understand any production problems of the customer company, from which they can derive materials that are not very compliant or repeatable. For a prompt resolution, will then prepare a training plan and personalized training on the company staff dedicated to colorimetry, that will allow the customer to become completely autonomous in the daily management of the systems and to know and know how to deal with the different problems of use.

In this way, the customer will be able to insert the material and create their own database of color formulas, intervening on their standardized products and cataloging them, organizing the zero batch of departure so that it matches perfectly with the hardware and software system.

The post-sale phase: the consultant goes up to the chair

Always with a view to updating and training the customer, URAI’s consultancy is also realized with the organization of specific and customized courses on individual sectors and activities, related to colorimetry.

These courses are designed for customers with gaps or newly recruited staff who need training from scratch or for the entire ColorWorkDesk package. Usually the courses, also open to all other companies in the color industry, start in spring and autumn and include 3-4 days of lessons, in which you can assimilate both practice and theory, organized in specific and flexible thematic modules.

In this way, we allow the customer to improve their knowledge, especially in the delicate phase of characterization of new products, in which customers can find themselves momentarily disoriented, especially if they have to do with the management of many products.

A system, this, to meet, once again, the needs of customer companies, which, thanks to the continuous support of our consultants, never feel abandoned.

The after-sales service of URAI works in any case at 360, managing to communicate and exploit all digital and other means, currently available: from simple phone call, to remote online assistance with Teamviewer or via e-mail, up to home visits in the company or training days made ad hoc. To these services, URAI adds, finally, the possibility for customers to receive personalized invitations to seminars and workshops dedicated to the world of colorimetry.

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ColorWorkDesk: the new way of colorimetry

URAI demonstrates, therefore, to possess all the experience and the necessary competences to place itself at the top of the production chain of the color, being able to closely follow the companies customers in all the problematic pre and post-sales of the ColorWorkDesk software, listening, advising and instructing the staff in the sector who wish to approach this new, more flexible and preforming way of doing colorimetry.

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