Colorimetry software on servers





Centralize and share information

ColorWorkDesk CWD Server leverages server/cloud technology to centrally manage color formulation and correction requests from individual operators, ensuring access to an up-to-date and shared database.

A useful and versatile colorimetry tool

The aim is to provide operators in the sector with a practical tool that allows them to manage, centralize and share all the information related to quality control, researching, color formulation and correction.

A winning choice

URAI’s intuition to separate from the color matching software, libraries the computer library to integrate it into a program that runs directly on the centralized server has meant that clients interfaces can be used through different devices to access colorimetry services.

The system infrastructure has been organized in 3 modules: CWD Server, CWD Client and CWD SmartApp, to better organize the management of color information.


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