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Know and manage the color

URAI offers a program of colorimetry courses on different levels, suitable for laboratory technicians and professionals. The various levels of the course use electronic and optical instrumentation and equipment to satisfy both practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject.

Upon request, URAI also organizes individual or group courses on specific topics, including at the operating locations of its partners.

Una platea di persone che ascoltano il docente che parla di Colorimetria

A complete training path


    Color measurement

    The day is dedicated to the deepening of color theory, a fundamental basis for starting the path of approach to colorimetry.

    • Notions of optics
    • Fundamental elements that characterize the color
    • Light behaviour in contact with materials
    • Spectral curve as index of behaviour
    • Construction of a spectral curve and its usefulness
    • Examples of spectral curves
    • Spectrophotometers (geometries)
    • Transmission (hints)
    • Measurement technique and calibration of spectrophotometers
    • Spectral curves of fluorescent materials
    • Metamerism (causes, effects and methods to quantify it
    • Definition and methods to characterize Illuminants and Observers
    • Tristimulus values
    • Chromaticity diagram CIE 1931
    • Use of CIE 1931 chromaticity diagram
    • CIE indices (White)
    • Jettness (depth index)
    • Mathematical conversions of tristimolus values in the CIELab space
    • Cartesian and polar coordinates in CIELab space
    • Indices of tone and saturation

    Quality control and use for color correction

    The day, including theoretical and practical activities, concerns the Quality Control in colorimetry and color correction methods.

    1 Part. (Theoretical foundations of color)

    • Cielab color space (hints)
    • Metamerism (practical aspects)
    • Pass / Fail control, definition of acceptable tolerances
    • Using QC for color correction


    Part 2. (Practical tests using SW QC and reflective spectrophotometer)

    • Measurement methodologies
    • Choosing the right methodology for business purposes
    • Standard setting
    • Management of color archives
    • Color differences with rating in Lab, lch, DE.
    • Production history
    • Practical use of color tolerances
    • Exercises with a spectrophotometer
    • Conclusion and comments

    Instrumental construction of the color

    The day is reserved for those who have already achieved a good experience and want to update themselves on the management of color formulation, through the use of Color Matching software.

    • Additive and subtractive theory of the materials that generate the sensation of color
    • Dyes and pigments in industry
    • Use of transparent or scattering vehicles
    • Ideal number of dyes in formula
    • Choice of dyes according to a standard
    • Methods for building a formula (color)
    • Formulation (color) of dyes in glossy and matt form
    • Kubelka Munk theory ( Functions )
    • Formulation software (Learning, formulation and correction procedures)
    • Practical verification of dye or vehicle yield (bases)
    • Conclusion and comments

Course information


The group courses are held in the course room of the URAI Assago (via G. Donizetti, 14)

Individual or group courses for specific topics can be arranged upon request. All this can be arranged at our headquarters or at your operating locations.


A paper certificate of course attendance is issued.

All teaching material is issued in paper form in the form of handouts.


During the course there will be coffee breaks and lunch breaks for all students.

In front of the course you will find parking spaces reserved for students.

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