ColorWorkDesk CWD: next generation spectrophotometers

Identifying, measuring and controlling the quality of a colour is the task of an instrument as delicate as it is precise: the spectrophotometer.

Choosing the most suitable spectrophotometer for your business, configuring it correctly is an essential step, useful to optimize the performance of the software used for color management.

Spectrophotometers: precision at the service of colorimetry

A spectrophotometer is a device used in colorimetry not only to acquire and evaluate color, but also to identify it, find any matches and check its quality.

This precision instrument is capable of measuring any type of material: paints, liquid products, plastics, paper, metals, inks and fabrics. It is also designed and calibrated to detect both the visible spectrum and the ultraviolet component of materials.

These features allow operators to maintain color uniformity throughout all process stages, from concept to product delivery.

As the instrument that physically reads color, the spectrophotometer represents the first stage of the acquisition process.

It will be essential, therefore, to make sure to choose a type of spectrophotometer, suitable to meet your colorimetry needs.


Spectrophotometers VS Colorimeters: the difference is there

The spectrophotometer is not the only instrument suitable for color acquisition and measurement. On the market there are also colorimeters that although similar, offer lower level performance. To understand the reasons, it is necessary to understand how these tools work.

Operation of a spectrophotometer

The spectrophotometer, compared to the colorimeter, provides a complete analysis of the visible spectrum from 400 to 700 nanometers with measuring ranges of 10 nanometers.

The spectrophotometer can work in two ways:

  • By reflection: illuminates the sample and detects the reflected light through a probe. The reflected light will then be split down into monochromatic sources ranging from 400 to 700 nanometers, translated into numerical data, ready to be communicated and processed.
  • By transmission: illuminates and detects the light that passes through the sample. The light transmitted later will be split down into monochromatic sources ranging from 400 to 700 nanometers, translated into numerical data, ready to be communicated and processed.


Operation of a colorimeter

The colorimeter, unlike the spectrophotometer, does not measure monochrome sources between 400 and 700 nanometers, but quantifies only 3 results within this range, thus defining the quantities of red, green and blue light perceived by the eye.

Benchtop and portable spectrophotometers: the CWD range

In industrial applications it is therefore essential to choose the most suitable measuring instrument for your operational needs. It becomes equally important, therefore, to know every measuring geometry and every type of spectrophotometer available.

In this regard, URAI offers a wide range of benchtop and portable spectrophotometers, in which converge all the most modern technologies capable of ensuring high precision performance in color measurement.

This new generation of instruments with LED or XENON lighting technology, is equipped with pre-installed Color Quality Control software, different reading geometries (d/8 sphere, and 45/0) with connection via USB or Bluetooth ports.

CWD benchtop spectrophotometers

CWD SERIES 6000 benchtop spectrophotometers are the top of the range in the industry, with their sophisticated electronics available in the following models:

  • CWD 6010
  • CWD 6020 Xenon lamp
  • CWD 6060
  • CWD 6080 Xenon Lamp

Their compactness and ergonomics allows them to be placed comfortably on the desk or on the workbench, while the high precision and great reliability allow the operator to analyze, formulate and effectively control the color and appearance of products of different sizes and types, solid, liquid, pastes, powders, pills and granules, all in a simplified and guided process.

The characteristics that distinguish the CWD benchtop models are:

  • Sample compartment for transmittance
  • 7″ color touchscreen TFT display
  • QC Software on board
  • 256 dual array CMOS sensor
  • Wavelength from 360 to 780
  • Reflectance and transmittance measurements
  • 3 / 5 measuring areas with automatic optical adjustment
  • Measuring areas with diameters from 5-6 mm, up to 30 cm
  • LED or Xenon lamp lighting
  • Large storage capacity (2,000 STD/20,000 samples)

Portable CWD spectrophotometers

The CWD SERIES 3000 portable spectrophotometers belong to the new generation of LED color measurement instruments and are available in the following models:

  • CWD 3010
  • CWD 3020
  • CWD 3060

They are compact and ergonomic design tools, ideal not only for measuring color samples, necessary to perform quality control tests and color formulation, but also to be used on the most diverse surfaces.

The small size of these instruments allows you to carry them comfortably in a briefcase and use them anywhere and in any situation.

The characteristics that distinguish the CWD SERIES 3000 portable models are:

  • 3.5″ color touchscreen TFT display
  • Integrated camera for color vision
  • QC Software on board
  • 256 dual array CMOS sensor
  • Wavelength from 400 to 700
  • Measures in reflectance
  • Mono-area or with double measuring area
  • USB interface
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection on some models
  • LED + UV LED lighting
  • Large storage capacity (2,000 STD/20,000 samples)

Portable spectrophotometers CWD COLOR READER SERIES

  • CWD Spectro ColorReader CR8 PRO

The portable spectrophotometer model CWD CR8 PRO belongs to the new generation of compact instruments for color measurement with LED technology with pre-installed quality control software.

The characteristics that distinguish the CWD SERIES ColorReader portable models are:

  • Instrument with d/8 spherical diffuse geometry for reflective measurements
  • 3.5 inch color TFT touch screen display with
  • USB and Bluetooth connection~ 5.
  • It adopts full band balanced LED light source:
  • Silicon photodiode matrix sensor (double 32 arrays):
  • Reticle spectrophotometric technology:
  • CWD CR8 PRO can be selected with an opening of the measuring area of 8 mm or 4 mm according to your needs and sample size.

Micro-spectrophotometer VARIABLE INC.

  • Spectro 1 PRO + BRIDGE

The Spectra 1 Pro produced by Variable Inc. is a micro – portable spectrophotometer leader in its field of belonging both in terms of economic convenience and precision in measurement.

The manufacturer has combined the compact and portable design of the Spectro 1 Pro with several patented technologies, among which we mention the system and method for spectral interpolation using multiple lighting sources, to design a truly innovative color management system.

The characteristics that distinguish the Spectro 1 PRO + BRIDGE laptop are:

  • The instrument has Bluetooth connection with Bridge device used to communicate the measurement to the ColorWorkDesk. software installed on personal computers.
  • The instrument is able to measure color consistently, regardless of surface gloss level, by combining an integrating microsphere with full spectrum LED illumination.
  • Measuring area from 8mm

Configure and calibrate a CWD spectrophotometer

The benchtop and portable spectrophotometers of the CWD range are easily configurable according to the needs of the operator.

Calibrating the spectrophotometer is a necessary step to ensure perfect operation that ensures optimal accuracy and performance over time.

Calibration in modern spectrophotometers is carried out by means of the calibration plate and white and the black trap.

Spectrophotometer lamps gradually change their condition and ability to create light.

Calibrating the instrument can, therefore, mitigate the negative effects of such criticalities related to the stability of the lamps and the cleaning of the lenses.

Connecting spectrophotometers to CWD software and technical support

The ability to connect CWD spectrophotometer models, via Bluetooth or USB, to ColorWorkDesk software or to your smartphone, on which the ColorWorkDesk app is present, makes them highly performing and user-friendly tools for the operator.

To this peculiarity is also added the possibility to update and implement the new models of spectrophotometers placed on the market, as well as that of configuring and coupling to the CWD software also different models of spectrophotometers or colorimeters already in use to the operator.

Once configured and connected, the spectrophotometer can be used independently by the user who can still use URAI assistance for its maintenance.

This can be a simple repair in the event of a failure or a thorough check of the instrument to verify its optimal operation. These specific instrumental controls provide periodic maintenance contracts, with interventions carried out by URAI technicians directly at the customer’s premises.


The best solution is the ColorWorkDesk system

CWD benchtop and portable spectrophotometers are therefore not only the top in terms of the latest technology and versatility, but also the most performing solution to be associated with the use of ColorWorkDesk software, and the dedicated app at the heart of the CWD system.

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